You, Princess D of D Kingdom, have an important diplomatic mission tomorrow morning that could decide not only the fate of your kingdom, but of yourself. Perhaps you will find love, or perhaps not. As princess you have many roles ambassador, hostess, spiritual leader, but first foremost diplomat. This is a game of politics and choices with no visible scores where you have to predict the unpredictable and maybe with the gods on your side or the right information you will get to live another day.

(Best played in full screen mode for easy reading and enjoyment


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Really enjoyable! Setting the politicking from this dynamic perspective was a clever choice, and the primary characters seemed to have their own impetus. Mechanically, it was nice to have multiple choices in tone even in cases where the resulting dialogue was the same or slightly altered.

The only problems I encountered were an inability to load saves, and some grammatical inconsistencies (understandable in an early draft).

Thank you so much for your response and I'm glad you enjoyed the prototype. I'm still trying to figure everything out in terms of programming while not getting overwhelmed editing. Your feedback is really helpful thanks! <3